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EmiDAS Data Acquisition & Handling Software (DAHS) is available in three versions:

EmiDAS – for small aplications including Local Authority Schedule B sites

EmiDas Pro – for PPC and WID sites where BS EN14181 compliance is required

EmiDAS Power – as for EmiDas Pro plus LCPD reporting capabilities

EmiDAS is a comprehensive emissions monitoring package that has been produced to comply with the Environment Agency's MCERTS Environmental Data Management Standard (Parts A, B, C1, C2).  

EmiDAS accesses data gathered by the DASC 100 from multiple site emissions analysers and sensors. The data are stored within the DASC 100 System Controller and are used by EmiDAS to create real-time presentations, historical graphing, alarms and reports; In addition, EmiDAS has extremely flexible reporting capabilities that allow data to be formatted and exported to a printer or other programs like Excel or Access. Standard reports are generated in secure, water-marked PDF format as per MCERTS.

EmiDAS has advanced graphing capabilities to provide stunning visual displays of data to enable operators to understand clearly what is happening within their process and provides the ability to correct excursions before they become serious. Multi-window capability allows the user to view several windows of data at any one time (Bar Charts, Trend Screens, Report Windows, Error Logs etc) on one or more screens so the user doesn't have to constantly switch between displays to see the relevant data or displays.

EmiDAS Pro offers the same advanced capabilities as EmiDAS but differs in two key regards: It requires the DASC 200 data logger because of the extra computing and storage capability required and it has a BS EN 14181 module. It can apply calibration functions generated by QAL2 testing and produce QAL3 control charts such as CUSUM, Shewart and EWMA by storing the results of zero and span checks using test gases or reference materials. The EmiDAS Pro system has the optional ability to control the automatic injection of test gases  using our Calibration Gas System (CGS). For incineration processes that are regulated under WID, we also offer our Environment Agency-compliant WID report.

For processes regulated under Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) we offer EmiDAS Power; this again requires the DASC 200 System Controller. Using the unit’s advanced communications capabilities, the DASC 200 can communicate with other process control systems and Pi systems to gather all the data required for LCPD reporting using the EA-mandated Form Air reporting forms.

EmiDAS Pro and Power have been produced to comply with the Environment Agency's MCERTS Environmental Data Management Standard (Parts A, B, C1, C2).  



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