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The European Committee for Standardisation is abbreviated to CEN from the French translation of Comité Européen de Normalisation. The CEN organisation is responsible for ensuring that the European Community adopts and implements a consistent set of Standards and Specifications.

For Air Quality, CEN has a working group called CEN TC 264 WG 9 which stands for CEN Technical Committee 264 Working Group 9 and covers “Quality Assurance of Automated Measuring Systems” (AMS).

Legislation being created by CEN TC 264 WG 9 includes EN 14181 which consists of three parts:

  • Part A
    The determination of the measurement uncertainty (ie a calibration curve and confidence interval by means of parallel measurements using a Standard Reference Method (SRM)) of an automated measurement system
  • Part B
    The operational activities necessary to maintain the required quality of the measurement results and to check the calibration curve
  • Part C
    A method for the annual surveillance of the Automated Measuring System (AMS).

EmiDAS has been developed to conform to the CEN European standards published under CEN/TC264 Air Quality.

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