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EmiDAS - CEMWindows Product Comparison

Comparison between the EmiDAS and CEMWindows emissions monitoring products



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    • EmiDAS is G2 Data systems premium Data Acquisition and Handling Software designed for use on any application. Fully certified to environment agency regulations, EmiDAS is the perfect choice for sites needing to adhere to critical local and international legislation.

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    • CEMWindows is built on the same underlying technology and shares many features. CEMWindows is normally used in industries that require a lower level of emissions legislation

Data Acquisition and Processing

Data Acquisition and Processing CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Fully configurable even for very complex calculations and data processing.
User-defined calculations and processing on incoming data
Setting of uncertainty values
Setting of computing normalized values
Setting of adjusted values
Setting of calibration
Setting of plant on/off
Setting of plant delay periods

User Interface

User Interface CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Alarm & warning indicators
Block, Rolling and Partial averages
Trend charts
Bar charts
Data grids
Error logging
Event logs
QAL3 Control Charts
Comprehensive online HELP manual
Selectable units of measurement
Selectable Raw, Validated and Adjusted
Historical data from commissioning onwards

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
QAL2 tests
AST tests
QAL3 tests
QAL 2 Calibration Functions
QAL3 Control Charts


Alerting CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Configurable warning levels
Configurable Emission Limit Values (ELV) alarm levels
Screen audible/visible alarms
Email Alerts
SMS Alerts
Plant wide audible/visible sirens and warning lights
Configurable Partial Averaging to alert of impending breaches before ELVs are breached.

Configurable Reporting

Configurable Reporting CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Averaged Data Report
System Configuration Report
LCPD Reports including:
Form Air 2
Form Air 3
Form Air 6
Form Air 11
WID Reports
QAL3 Reports include:
CUSUM Precision
Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA)
Full access to historical data

Data Access

Data Access CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Data can also be exported in a variety of formats
Data can be accessed via Digital communication protocols Analogue signals ODBC CSV export Others on request
Monitoring data exported in real-time for use in 3rd party systems


Redundancy CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Dual Redundancy
Maintenance Contract available
Remote Access available
Display provided for visual monitoring
Diagnostic Tools