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EmiDAS and CEMWindows Legislation Comparison

Product comparison for Legislations, Certificates, Directives and Standards


  • Overview
  • Certifications and Directives
  • Standards and Legislation
  • Process Guidance Notes


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    • EmiDAS is MCERTS Certified by the UK Environment Agency and complies with Parts A, B, C1 and C2 of the standard

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    • CEMWindows is the entry level product specifically for operators that do not need to comply with MCerts, TUV and US EPA regulations

Certifications and Directives

Certifications and Directives CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Mcerts logo The Environment Agencies Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS)
US EPA logo United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)
Industrial Emissions Directive Logo Industrial Emissions Directive (IED 2010/75/EU) IE(IPPC)D
Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) Directive

Standards and Legislation

Standards and Legislation CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
British Standards Institute logo BS EN 14181 - Stationary source emissions Quality assurance of automated measuring systems
LCPD logo

Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD - now replaced by BS EN 14181)

WID Logo

Waste Incineration Directive (WID - now replaced by BS EN 14181)

LAPPC Logo Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC)
PPC Logo Pollution prevention and control (PPC)

Process Guidance Notes (PGN)

Process Guidance Notes CEMWindows     EmiDAS     
Boilers and furnaces Logo PG 1/3 (12) - Boilers and furnaces
Gas turbines Logo PG 1/4 (11) - Gas turbines
Waste oil Logo PG1/01 (04) and PG1/02 (05) - Waste oil or recovered oil burners
Compression ignition engines Logo PG1/05 (95) - Compression ignition engines
Combustion of waste wood Logo PG1/12 (12) - Combustion of waste wood
Crematoria Logo PG5/2 (12) - Crematoria
carcase incineration Logo PG5/3 (13) - Animal carcase incineration
Metal Foundry Processes Logo PG2/04 Iron Steel & Non Ferrous Metal Foundry Processes