Process Guidance Notes (PGN)


  • Overview


Process Guidance Notes (PGN) define the conditions that an installation needs to meet to ensure that they satisfy the regulations set down by the government.

From the DEFRA website:

“statutory process guidance (PG) notes which set out the Secretary of State’s view on what constitutes Best Available Techniques for each of the main sectors regulated to control their air emissions (so-called “Part B” activities) ”

EmiDAS will support and allow compliance with the relevant Process Guidance Notes with more common uses being:

PG 1/3 - Boilers and furnaces
PG 1/4 - Gas turbines
PG 1/1 PG1/2 - Waste oil or recovered oil burners
PG1/5 - Compression ignition engines
PG1/12 - Combustion of waste wood
PG5/2 - Crematoria
PG5/3 - Animal carcase incineration
PG2/4 - Iron Steel & Non Ferrous Metal Foundry Processes