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G2 Data Systems is the new force in Environmental Emissions Monitoring, producing high-quality, leading-edge Data Acquisition and Handling Systems.


The central product ethos is an advanced data logging system which can be adapted to gather and store data from all forms of environmental monitors and sensors. The G2 Data Acquisition System Controller (DASC) is a high speed, microprocessor-based system that can acquire and store data from multiple monitoring sources over several years. The DASC runs our application-specific EmiDAS software that processes, logs, displays and reports data in tabular or graphical form and will generate the necessary reports in Corporate or Regulatory Agency format. EmiDAS Software is suitable for all monitoring applications from basic wood-fired boilers complying with PG1-12, through PPC, LCPD, WID and EN14181. The software will generate all the necessary QAL3 Control Charts such as CUSUM (Drift & Precision), Shewhart, EWMA, WID Report & Form Air Reports for LCPD sites.


Key drivers of G2 Data Systems is its commitment to Quality and to ISO 9001. The company has a full-time SHEQ Manager who is building our quality systems with a view to the company being ISO 9001 certified and the software MCERTS certified (Parts A, B, C1 and C2 of the MCERTS Environmental Data Management standard) by early 2011.

Please note that we currently require a Distributor for the Indian sub-continent. If you would like to discuss the possibility of your company representing us in India please contact david.grant@g2datasystems.co.uk

We produce Data Acquisition & Handling Systems (DAHS) for industrial sites of any size or complexity

Our Environmental Data Management Systems keep pace with emerging technologies

EmiDAS can inteface to all major control systems via MODBUS, ODBC, Profibus, Fieldbus etc

We are committed to protecting your investment in our environmental monitoring systems

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